As is the case in rock climbing, the trick in urban climbing is to find the perfect holds with the right overall body positioning and adequate balance. But the difficulty in climbing buildings is that the uniformity and evenness of the exterior make it difficult to find the grooves for holds. It is like a physical puzzle that can only be solved through ingenuity, persistence and foolhardiness. Buildering is both a lifestyle and a philosophy of taming the modern landscape.

1.3 What are the key features of a reorganisation plan and how is it approved? (Who proposes the plan? Is there a period of exclusivity? What are the voting requirements? Are creditors put into classes?)

Reports show both billable and non-billable hours. There is an ability to filter the results to show just billable hours and use this information, for example, when invoicing clients.

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In some states today, certain drugs once considered very dangerous have been legalized for medical or recreational use. This confuses the drugged driving liability issue even more. Each person's body responds uniquely to drugs based on their individual chemistry, history of use, the type of drug, amount used, body size and other factors. States are struggling to find ways to regulate legal limits in balance with changing laws governing use of these drugs. Overall, the goal is to protect citizens on roads, something that may be easier said than done with rapid changes to legal drug use.

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